The Super Brain Fuel Project
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Super Brain Fuel – Genmaicha Tea, Shade Grown Matcha, Full Sun Sencha, Popped Brown Rice. 15 TB


Smartly Blended with Shade Grown Japanese Matcha, Full Sun Grown Sencha and Nutty Flavoured, Popped Roasted Brine Rice. Naturally rich in Catechins (EGCG), Antioxidants and the Relaxant L-Theanine. Low in Caffeine. No Sugar, Additives or Preservatives. Quality and Freshness Guaranteed.

Super Brain Fuel Gen Maicha, Sencha and Matcha Tea is grown in Kakegawa, Japan and packaged with care by a 60-year-old, Family Owned, World Renowned Japanese Green Tea Supplier of High Quality, Premium Grade Teas.

Use 1 Tea Bag per cup of Hot Water for a Great Tasting and Uplifting Drink To Invigorate Your Day.