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Super Brain Fuel – Good Clean Coffee Beans – Roasted Whole Beans. 250g


Super Brain Fuel Good Clean Coffee – Tropical Fruit Aroma, Pleasant Sweetness Soft Vanilla Aftertaste. Shade Grown and Hand Picked, Washed and Sun Dried By Popayan Farmers Then Freshly Roasted In Australia.

Colombia is famous for cultivating some of the very best, high-grade coffee in the world. One of the best regions for producing amazing coffee flavour , aroma, texture and taste is between the North to South along the three “cordilleras,” the mountain ranges that comprises the Northern Andes. A large amount of the Colombian coffee; especially from the Southern growing areas of Popayan comes from small self-sustainable family farms. Popayan has for a long time had a rich heritage of coffee producing history. It’s only recently become one of the most highly sought after coffee growing regions in the world, for high quality, premium grade coffee.

A number of passionate and progressive Popayan farmers have now moved from large-scale, commercially extensive coffee production to solely dealing with micro-lots that require more passion, care and dedication. As a result, when you consume the Super Brain Fuel Good Clean Coffee, you will immediately notice the Tropical Fruit Aroma, Pleasant Sweetness and Sensuous  Soft Vanilla Aftertaste.

At Super Brain Fuel we believe that sourcing amazing coffee from these smart Popayan farmers allows them to focus on nurturing the very best, high grade, premium coffee and always delivering quality over quantity. The Super Brain Fuel Good Clean Coffee is produced under Shade Grown canopy, and hand picked between May and July and then again from October to January. It is carefully fully washed to discourage mould growth and then optimally, naturally sun dried with care by Popayan farmers before being prepped for shipping to Australia. Your amazing coffee is then further inspected for quality and cleanliness in Australia before being freshly roasted and packaged to seal in the goodness and amazing flavour.